Oklahoma Supplemental Online Course Program (OSOCP)

Broadening educational opportunities for districts, students and their families

Oklahoma Statute 70-1-111 makes supplemental learning opportunities available to local school district students using online technology in a nontraditional classroom setting, (i.e., inside or outside of public school site locations). The Oklahoma Supplemental Online Course Program establishes a framework for districts to offer supplementary online courses to students in their district. As the title suggests, the OSOCP does not replace traditional schooling—rather, it supplements it.

The OSOCP enhances students’ access to curriculum via online courses taken through the home district. Without incurring prohibitive expenses, districts can make available a wide variety of courses (including Advanced Placement, foreign language and courses in STEM content areas) for even a very small number of students.

Participation in the OSOCP provides opportunities for students to blend academic responsibilities with other endeavors. Students who work part time can complete some of their required coursework online while still participating in their local school community and extracurricular activities. Credit recovery and credit advancement options are readily available to districts and the students they serve across the K-12 continuum.

Benefits for Districts

  • Cost efficient way to broaden curriculum, including STEM courses
  • Opportunity to increase Advanced Placement offerings
  • Offers a solution to scheduling conflicts
  • Continuous access to credit recovery options
  • Course review and certification ensures alignment to state standards
  • Established state rate for courses

Benefits for Students

  • Flexible schedule (courses available 24/7)
  • May attend some classes on campus and online
  • Opportunity to make up course credit
  • Potential to work ahead and free up class schedule for next year
  • Complete a course not offered by your district

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Contact Us

For additional information about Oklahoma’s Supplemental Online Courses, contact Dr. Lisa Daniels via phone (405-522-0465) or e-mail (info@osocp.ok.gov).